At St Joachim’s we use Operoo as part of our continuing efforts to provide the safest environment we can for our students.

Operoo is an online, parent-controlled medical form for schools which replaces the old paper-based medical forms.

Operoo allows parents to enter relevant details, such as:

Parents are also able to upload scanned documents, such as medical certificates, care advice or management plans.

Operoo allows parents to retain control of the data, as well as allowing them to update it any time, which ensures that medical information regarding their child/children is up-to-date.

Information about temporary medical conditions, such as a broken arm, and the care required for the condition, can be uploaded and then removed when the condition is no longer present.

The electronic nature of Operoo means that medical information only needs to be provided once, rather than at the start of each year and every time there is an excursion or camp, and that records are always up-to-date.

The medical information on Operoo will be available to staff when they have direct care of the students, for example on excursions or camps, which they will be able to access using mobile devices.

Contact details of parents, emergency contacts and medical contacts are accessible with a click or tap and calls may be made via the call-links in the application.

To ensure privacy, the data parents provide will be available only to relevant staff and only for the period that they have direct care of the students. However, parents may wish to share their child's Operoo profile with anyone else they trust with their child’s care such as grandparents, child-minders and sports clubs.

There will be one primary email address per student profile, although parents are able to make their partner a carer. Parents will automatically be sent reminder emails on a regular basis.

Operoo profiles should be set up on PCs and laptops with an internet connection. Operoo is also available on smartphones and tablets via a free app available through the AppStore for iPhones and iPads, and Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Operoo administrators, Irene Stewart and Leonie Richardson, if you have any questions. More information is also available on the Operoo website: https://www.operoo.com/

Thank you for helping us create the safest environment we can for our children.