Student Wellbeing

Irene Stewart, Student Wellbeing

St Joachim's - a Safe Environment

At St Joachim’s we work towards creating an environment where all members of our community are safe, are treated as individuals and their dignity is maintained. The students are given opportunities to contribute to both the school and the wider communities.

Our school rules create an atmosphere where the students are comfortable and know the expectations.

All staff members are excellent models of behaviour and develop relationships to know the students so learning is effective and meets their needs. We create an environment where students can build self esteem and resilience.

Students with specific learning needs have individual learning plans developed in conjunction with the family and outside specialists.

We work with our parent community to assist them in the role of parenting and create a range of learning opportunities for them.

Take a Stand - Against Bullying.

At St Joachim's, we take bullying seriously.

Students can report bullying by emailing 

What exactly is Bullying?

Not all aggressive or harmful behaviour between people is bullying. While conflicts and aggressive behaviour need to be addressed, it is important to be clear when these behaviours are not actually bullying.

The definition of bullying has three critical aspects:

All three aspects need to be present in order for behaviour to be called bullying.

Bullying can happen in person or online.

At St Joachim’s we are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive school environment. Through ongoing age appropriate activities which promote discussion and reflection on the understanding and impact of bullying we send a clear message that bullying and violence, in or outside of school are not okay at any time.

What can parents do if their child talks to them about bullying?

Some strategies that are taught at school are:

If you feel safe to do so:

 For more information related to bullying go to: Bullying, No Way!