Parents and Friends

The St Joachim’s Primary School has an active Parents and Friends Association which is an integral part of the school. 

The Parents and Friends operates under the umbrella of the School Advisory Board. Meetings are usually held in the staffroom on the first Friday of the month and all parents are welcome to attend. The dates and times will be advertised in the school newsletter, Skoolbag (school notification app) and on the St Joachim's Facebook page.

Parents join this association in a voluntary capacity to be part of their child’s education and to actively participate in the organization of a range of social, fundraising and other activities.

The role of the P&F is to work to support the staff and the school by assisting in school events ie Mother’s Day breakfast and stall, Father’s Day breakfast and stall, school sports, events such as Shrove Tuesday, La Festa Artistica (evening event focusing on Art & Italian) as well as fundraising for particular projects which assist or enhance teaching aids and equipment, or improvements to facilities within the school grounds, buildings etc.

The Parents & Friends communication portal is their Facebook page and all St Joachim’s families are welcome and encouraged to like and follow the page.