Vision Statement

At St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School we recognise that we are living witnesses of God’s love. As a vital part of St. Anne’s Parish we strive to make Jesus’ vision and mission central in our lives and encourage all within our school and parish community to live a spirit-filled life.

With this understanding:

  • We celebrate our Catholic Faith by immersing students in rich liturgical experiences within the school and parish community.
  • We offer experiences which encourage all in our community to develop their spirituality
  • We acknowledge the family as the first and constant influence in Faith Education and we welcome the partnership of parents and the school in all aspects of learning.
  • We foster inquiring minds and strive for excellence in order that students achieve their full potential.
  • We encourage a creative approach to learning through individual programs and a curriculum which encompasses local and global understandings.
  • We create a safe and inclusive community where students, staff and families feel connected.


Our school endeavours to ensure that actions and decisions made within the school reflect our Vision statement. It is considered of the highest priority that the Vision statement is an energising and valuable impetus for all that is important to our school community. The broad areas are:

  • Teaching
  • Student Outcomes
  • Faith Development
  • Community Relations
  • Welfare