Newsletter March 22, 2019

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Our Grade 3 and 4 students have had an amazing time at camp! The variety of fun activities, in a beautiful bush setting, has made for a busy but exciting camp for all students (see photos here).

Our campers arrived back tired, but full of stories about challenges and experiences they shared as a group. Thank you to all of our camp staff; Donna Bennett, Donna Zammit, Reagon Haines, Erin Bolton, Larissa Marotta, Deb McWaters, Carla Mackintosh, Leeza Simpson and Sandra Ramos, who gave up their own family time to keep our students safe and extend their learning in a unique environment.

The first week of our senior swimming program has been a great success! Our students are enjoying their time in the water and developing greater confidence and water safety skills. Our senior swimming program will conclude on Thursday next week.

Our PACH (Parents As Classroom Helpers) course commenced this week with about half a dozen parents enrolled. We will run another course in the evening next term, for those parents who would find this a more convenient time.

Our whole school colour run is on next Friday afternoon (29th March) All parents are warmly invited to attend to be a part of this great colour and movement spectacle. Times and organisational details will be sent home early next week. Thank you to the many students and families who have supported our online fundraising efforts so far. Please remember to organise a white t-shirt for your child/ren if they wish to have colours thrown towards them, or a coloured t-shirt for those children who do not want colours thrown towards them.

Our ECSI (Enhancing Catholic School Identity) parent survey is in its final 2 weeks. Surveys close on Friday April 5th. I encourage all families to have their say about our school’s Catholic identity and to get a raffle ticket to go into our final draw for a $50 Bunnings voucher.

I am pleased to report that our whole middle school building will be re-carpeted this weekend. It has been a long process to have our roof repaired and then painted and re-carpeted, after our internal storm damage earlier in the term. I’m sure all middle school students, staff and families are looking forward to getting back into our upgraded classrooms. Thank you to Donna Bennett and Erin Bolton for relocating their classes on short notice and ensuring that learning and teaching suffered no major disruptions.

I invite all parents to join our whole school celebration of the Stations of the Cross, which will be held on Thursday 4th April at 11:30 a.m. in the hall. This solemn presentation is part of our preparation for the joyous celebration of Easter.

Please note: The final day of Term 1 is Thursday 4th April, as Friday 5th April is a school closure day. On this day our staff are attending a conference at John Paul College in Frankston.

Paul Dwyer, Principal

Education in Faith

Zeeta Andrew - Religious Education Leader


Lent is a time for reflecting on the way we live our lives. Lent is a time for examining our hearts and being willing to make changes by being better people. It is a time when we look to God and do our best to live as God wants us to live, as we ready our hearts for Easter.

Our students have been reflecting on Lenten promises, one thing they will give up and one thing they would take up. We encourage you to talk about this promise with your child and support them in fulfilling it during this Lenten season.

Works of charity is another important act that we focus during Lent. Giving is about being present to another so that they feel embraced by God. We will be supporting our Church Parish in raising funds to support the following charities:

Lent is a time for reflecting on the way we live our lives

Parishioners’ Crisis Support Fund

The people that this fund assists are members of our own parish family - active in the life of the parish and well known by fellow parishioners. It is for these reasons that they are reluctant (due to either embarrassment or pride or a combination of both) to seek assistance for themselves or their family through St Vincent de Paul.

The fund was established a few years ago with the aim of supporting parishioners who find themselves facing a financial crisis. It may be due to an unexpected medical or household expense or sudden loss of employment.

Caritas Australia—Project Compassion

Project Compassion is Caritas Australia’s annual fundraising and awareness raising appeal, bringing thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

We would like to encourage children and families to please to support these Charities by sending in donations. We are very grateful for any contribution no matter how small. The staff and Parish thank you for your generosity.

Sacramental Program

Dates for the 2019 Sacraments are:

Tues 30 Apr Reconciliation Service for all children at 7.00pm

Sun 16 Jun Sacrament of First Eucharist - Mass time 1.00pm

Sun 23 Jun Sacrament of First Eucharist - Mass time 1.00pm

Sun Oct 27 Sacrament of Confirmation 1.30pm

St. Anne's Seaford Parish, Phone: 9785 2580, Website Annette White, Parish Secretary

Baptismal Preparation Meetings

Baptismal Preparation Meetings are held each first Saturday of the month, at 9.45am. There is no need to book and you are welcome to bring children along with you.

At this meeting, you will be able to enrol and organise a baptismal date with our coordinator for 2019.

The dates are:

Saturday 6th April, Saturday 4th May, Saturday 1st June, Saturday 6th July, Saturday 3rd August, Saturday 7th September, Saturday 5th October, Saturday 2nd November, Saturday 7th December

From Mrs Stewart

Irene Stewart, Deputy Principal / Student Wellbeing / Student Services Leader

The Real Reason You Give Your Kids So Many Reminders.


Hello, I’m Nicole and I’m a repeater.

Here’s a classic example…

It’s a typical hectic Monday morning. Everyone is moving slow. I glance at the clock and compare the time to the number of things still left to accomplish.

Then it begins. The repeating.

“Don’t forget your homework.”

“Did you put your homework in your bag?”

“Is your homework in your backpack?”

“Did you get your homework?”

It’s kind of amazing how many different ways I can say the exact same thing.


My kids are always quick to bring it to my attention.

At first, I was a little offended. I didn’t think I had a “reminder problem.”

But, the more I heard, “Mom, you’ve said that already” the more I started to take notice.

In those moments, I would stop, take a deep breath, analyze what I was feeling inside and what was going on around me.

It didn’t take long to realize the common theme to my reminding moments.


Fear that they will forget their homework (and get a consequence at school)

Fear that they will feel rushed when it’s time to go.

Fear that they will make a mistake.

Fear that they will be laughed at.

Fear that they will do it wrong.

Fear that they will make a bad choice.

Fear that they will fail.

Fear that they will grow up without learning some important lesson or skill.

It was all driven by fear.


The word fear could be replaced by the word “anxiety,” “worry,” or “concern.”

Regardless of the word, the underlying message is the same: “If I just repeat this one more time, they will avoid [insert ‘dreaded’ consequence here].”

Maybe you’re like me.

Maybe you have no idea how often you repeat things. Or maybe, your repetitions are a little more subtle…making checklists and charts for your child, writing reminder notes, or just jumping in and doing things so they won’t need to remember.

Whatever it is, let’s agree, most of the time reminders do not help.

Instead of motivating your child to get dressed so they don’t miss the bus, they push back, digging in their heels, moving even slower than before.

Instead of helping your child remember their homework, the tension and stress in the room builds until your child finally yells, “Fine! See, I’m taking my homework to my bag! Happy now?”


As a parent, your job is to guide and support your child as they build independence, learn new skills, and become expert problem-solvers.


If you’re ready to step out of the reminding role and into the support role, here are a few tips:

  • Examine your Fear: Do a mental scan of your body, your thoughts, and feelings. What’s going on? Are you feeling rushed, tense, overwhelmed? What’s the “worst case scenario” that you’re imagining? How likely is it to happen? Take a few minutes to calm these racing thoughts…you know, before you repeat the request again.
  • Work as a Team: Instead of talking “at” your kids, open up the conversation. Put your concerns on the table and be willing to hear their perspective. This can be challenging! But remember, your repetitions are not helping. When kids have an opportunity to be part of the solution, they are more likely to follow through.
  • Teach: Look for areas where your child could use more instruction to be successful. Break down tasks and make sure your child understands – and is able to complete – each step (even if it’s not perfect at first). Find the problem areas and work together to create systems, simplify routines, plan ahead and organize.
  • Step Back: This might be the most difficult part of the whole process. Trusting your child to follow through. Your fear is going to tell you, “Repeat! Repeat! Make sure they don’t fail.” Hard work and failure are great learning opportunities. With your support and great systems in place, give your child room show off what they can accomplish (without reminders!).
  • Praise the Process: Yes, your child is going to forget, mess up, run out of time, or fail. This is not a sign that you need to go back to giving (numerous) reminders. It’s a chance to encourage your child to do more problem-solving, creating a new solution or revising the old one. It’s a chance for you to highlight the ways they have grown and what they have learned.


You don’t have to turn into a cold, distanced, hands-off parent to decrease your reminders. Of course, you can stay involved and supportive as your child builds their independence.

Questions like, “What’s your plan for getting your homework done?” or “What time did you decide to set your alarm?” keep the conversation open without letting the fear do the talking.

Sometimes, stepping back is a great way for your child to feel successful, but keep in mind, there will be times when your child needs more support.

That is ok.

It doesn’t mean you’re going to be packing your child’s lunch for the next 30 years.

Forcing your child to be independent before they are ready is going to backfire. Your children are born with a need to depend on you. It’s your job to create an atmosphere where your child can feel confident enough to try it on their own…and then be willing to let them do it!

Dr. Vanessa LaPointe says it this way:

The hoverer is worried, nervous, and uncertain. The provider is confident, all-knowing, and in charge. The hoverer’s actions are born of fear. The provider’s actions – including the invitation for dependence – are born of confidence in knowing the needs of the child.” (Discipline Without Damage, pg. 76)

So, are you ready to get a grip on your repeating?

I’m in recovery. You’re welcome to join me!

(But, I’m not going to remind you.)


Thank you to families who keep their CareMonkey profiles up to date such as when they change their address, phone number, parents work contact details etc. If you could also email the and let us know, we can adjust on our system as well.


Every Thursday at 2:30pm - Parents Welcome - A whole school assembly is held in the school hall every fortnight. Level assemblies are held on the other week.

Unexplained Absences

Last year the Victorian Minister of Education has reviewed the Attendance Guidelines and accordingly schools must now notify parents/guardians of unexplained absences on the same day, as soon as practicable.

Some St Joachim’s parents may have received a phone call from our office staff to ask about unexplained absences.

It is now more important than ever that families notify us if your child is absent or will be late for school.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Flexibuzz App and using the ABSENCE tab. Alternatively parents can phone the school on 9785 2633.

We look forward to your co-operation in this very important matter.

Preschool Story Time

Every Friday at 3:00pm in the STAFF ROOM there is “Story Time” for our pre-school friends. This story time is open to all of our siblings who are coming to Foundation / Prep at St Joachim’s next year.

As part of the preps oral language experience they headed outside to blow bubbles!

Here are some of the comments the preps shared with the class:

The bubbles went pop!

The bubbles went high.

The bubbles blew away.

The bubbles were sticky.

The students in PRF learnt about Diversity today - Harmony Day 2019

Show and Tell was super exciting in PRF as Olympia told us all about her rabbit Blackie.

Parents & Friends Report

Sharon Madgziarz, President

Colour Fun Run - ONE WEEK TO GO!

If you haven’t registered yet please register your child/children by using this link.

Thank you to all the parents who gave registered and are fundraising.

We have already raised a whopping $12,700.

Our goal is $16,000 - Let's see if we can get there!

Our goal is $16,000 and if we all get involved and support our kids and our school this is a goal that can easily be achieved.

To REGISTER your child for this fun, worthwhile event, please go to

Information regarding the Fun Run can be found here. We will be adding any more information we receive as it becomes available.

What do students wear to the School Fun Run?

For the actual event day all the kids have to wear is a plain white T-shirt and any colour shorts or tracksuit pants.

For kids who want to run but don’t want to have colour thrown at them can wear a coloured T-shirt so the people throwing the powder can identify them easily.

Any questions please ask any member of the P&F or your year level rep.

We are fundraising for STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Arts and Maths) equipment and Robotics. All will be purchased next term for immediate use by all students.

Trivia Night

Last year we had the first P&F trivia night which everyone agreed was a fabulous event and due to very popular opinion we would like to hold another one. So, we need a Trivia Night committee! If you’re interested please let the P&F know. You can send a message to Sharon on 0409212489 or via the school Facebook page.

Entertainment Books

The P&F will once again be selling the fabulous Entertainment books which are always full of great discounts for dining out, activities etc.

Tell your friends to buy them from us so that we get the commission!

More information soon!

Performing Arts News

Jody Banks, Performing Arts Teacher

Senior Production for 2019:


“If you believe in yourself, you can rock the world!”

TERM 3, 7:00pm Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th August,

Cranbourne Community Theatre,

Visual Arts

Helina Walker - Visual Arts Teacher

Catholic Education Week Visual Arts Exhibition

Catholic Leadership Centre, East Melbourne.

The Visual Arts Exhibition showcases the wonderful artwork of primary and secondary students in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. It reflects their creativity in a broad range of impressive and inspiring works across disciplines including painting, photography, sculpture, fashion and film. The exhibition is a powerful tribute to their young lives and gives a brief insight into their world.

On Saturday my family and I went to the Catholic Education Centre in the city. It was great fun seeing all of the effort everyone had put into their artwork. It was a great experience all the pieces of artwork which looked amazing, some looked so real. They ranged from preps’ artwork all the way to Year 12’s artwork. It motivated me to continue trying my hardest. I also learnt that if you put your best effort into anything, the result will always be great and rewarding. I would like to say a big thanks to Miss Walker for organising this whole thing and being supportive.

Sajeev STH


Reena Naidoo - Numeracy Coordinator

Literacy News

Caroline Hume, Literacy Leader / Reading Recovery

Parent Pipeline - Use Pictures Illustrations and Diagrams.pdf

Uniform Shop

Tracey Craddock, Uniform Shop Coordinator

Trading Hours

Thurs 3:00pm – 3:30pm

If you are unable to make it to the Uniform Shop you may use our

Uniform Shop -Order Form or can be picked up at the school office.

Wanted - Basketball Girls Under 14s

Hi Families, we are looking for girls born 2006, 2007 or 2008 to join our under 14s basketball team for the upcoming winter season. They train in Carrum Downs and play Saturday afternoons at various locations like Frankston, Langwarrin, Bonbeach etc. It's a great group of girls who are focused on learning to play as a team and having fun. Please contact Tanya Warakagoda on 0415223153 or email

Before & After School Care - Camp Australia

The Camp Australia Outside School Hours Care Program is an extension of St Joachim's Primary School, providing children with a safe environment in which they can explore and play. Here’s their webpage!