Newsletter June 28, 2019

Buddy Fun Today!

PRF with their buddies from SJT and PST with their buddies from SKO

Principal’s Message

Paul Dwyer, Principal

Dear Parents,

Congratulations again to the 32 children from St. Joachim’s who made their First Eucharist over the last 2 weeks. This important sacrament of initiation is a further step towards full initiation into the life of the Church.

Our annual Talent show was a great success on Wednesday this week. It showcased a variety of fabulous entertainers including instrumental artists, singers, joke tellers and dancers. We are lucky to have so many talented students at St. Joachim’s! Thank you to Jody Banks for organising this fantastic performance opportunity for our students.

Thank you to our parents and our teachers for meeting this week for interviews about student learning progress. The importance of a strong and positive home/school partnership, to strengthen student learning and wellbeing, cannot be overemphasised.

On Friday 26th July (end of Week 2 next term) we will celebrate the Feast day of St. Joachim and St. Anne. This year St. Anne’s students and staff will join us at St. Joachim’s for the celebration. We will have a Feast Day Mass at 10:00 a.m. in the hall, followed by a shared recess and combined activities between St. Joachim’s and St. Anne’s students. Parents are warmly invited to join us for our Feast Day Mass.

A reminder that we will be having two School closure days next term. They will be held on Friday 9th August and Monday 12th August. Our focus for these two days will be preparation for school review next year and Religious Education. Please put these dates in your diary.

Other forthcoming dates to note for next term are: Family Maths afternoon on Wednesday 14th August from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m., Pyjama night evening for Book Week on the evening of Wednesday 21st August and, of course, our Senior school production of “Rock Starz” at Cranbourne Community Theatre on the evenings of Wednesday 28th August and Thursday 29th August, starting at 7:00 p.m. We are looking forward to a great show!

As school finishes today we give thanks for the hard work of students, staff and parents that resulted in great learning, fun and friendships for our students this term.

I wish all students, staff and families a fabulous holiday break. May you all come back renewed and refreshed to continue the exciting journey at St. Joachim’s next term. School resumes for Term 3 on Monday 15th July at the usual time.

Kind regards

Paul Dwyer, Principal


Please notify the school of any absences prior to 9:00am on the day of the absence. The easiest way to do this is via the FLEXIBUZZ App.

Unexplained Absences

Last year the Victorian Minister of Education has reviewed the Attendance Guidelines and accordingly schools must now notify parents/guardians of unexplained absences on the same day, as soon as practicable.

Some St Joachim’s parents may have received a phone call from our office staff to ask about unexplained absences. It is now more important than ever that families notify us if your child is absent or will be late for school.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Flexibuzz App and using the ABSENCE tab. Alternatively parents can phone the school on 9785 2633.

We look forward to your co-operation in this very important matter.

Education in Faith

Zeeta Andrew - Religious Education Leader

Pray for us as we Celebrate Our First Holy Communion

Our Experience of Making our

First Eucharist

This past Sunday we made our First Eucharist. Before we had completed our Eucharist, we went to church every week and we gained new knowledge on what Jesus did in his life and how he always trusted in God and the Holy Spirit. On the day of my first Eucharist I felt very nervous at the start of the Mass, but my family and God helped me through my nerves and taught me to always trust in God. Receiving the bread and wine, for the first time, felt like a deeper connection to Jesus. Doing my first Eucharist gave me deeper knowledge of Jesus’s ways and how to be more like him.


Last Sunday we made the sacrament of First Eucharist. When we got there we felt really nervous but God helped us through our nervousness and it was one of the happiest days of our catholic lives. During the time of our Eucharist we learnt about the qualities of Jesus. When we first had the body of Christ it felt good and we were filled with the faith of Jesus. Before we made the sacrament we had to go to church every week and collect our homework. Each time we went to church we learnt about Jesus, Pentecost, Easter and much more. Going to church more often inspired us children to be better people and live happier lives and make peace on earth. When we stood and ate the bread and wine it felt more than just some food and drink; it felt like hope, peace and faith. With knowledge of the Bible we became more and more interested in making our first Eucharist. We learnt that Jesus is always in our hearts and that everyone is worthy of being catholic and believing in the Holy Spirit. Receiving the bread and wine made us feel more aware of how lucky we are that we get a beautiful church and the faith of Jesus and how we can be like Jesus to others.


Sacramental Program

Sun Oct 27 Sacrament of Confirmation 1.30pm

St. Anne's Seaford Parish, Phone: 9785 2580, Website Annette White, Parish Secretary

Baptismal Preparation Meetings

Baptismal Preparation Meetings are held each first Saturday of the month, at 9.45am. There is no need to book and you are welcome to bring children along with you.

At this meeting, you will be able to enrol and organise a baptismal date with our coordinator for 2019.

The dates are:

Saturday 6th July, Saturday 3rd August, Saturday 7th September, Saturday 5th October, Saturday 2nd November, Saturday 7th December

From Mrs Stewart

Irene Stewart, Deputy Principal / Student Wellbeing / Student Services Leader

Good parents let their children fail - often

It is perfectly natural for parents to want to protect their beloved children and keep them safe and see them successful.

As a parent, it’s difficult to see your child try something and fail, however failing at things may actually be a good thing. The following article from titled Good parents let their children fail is an interesting read and it may change the way you think and act when your child doesn't get what he or she is aiming for.

NCCD Information Sheet parents (1).pdf

At St Joachim’s, we use the FlexiBuzz App to send instant messages, newsletters and notices.

Families can be fully informed and up to date with newsletters, notices, news and events. It’s easy to use!

Downloading is easy …iPhone and iPad. Go to the Apple App Store and search FlexiBuzz. Android smartphone and tablet. Go to Google play and search FlexiBuzz. Windows and Mac computers. Go to the Flexibuzz web page and click on the download button.

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Thank you to families who keep their CareMonkey profiles up to date such as when they change their address, phone number, parents work contact details etc. If you could also email the and let us know, we can adjust on our system as well.

The Resilience Project

at John Paul College,

August 6 at 7:00pm


Every Thursday at 2:30pm - Parents Welcome

A whole school assembly is held in the school hall every fortnight. Level assemblies are held on the other week.

Nevaeh PSE - For willing having a go at recording the sounds in unknown words. Great Effort!

Sajith PSE - For writing a great retell sentence about making jelly. Well done!

Onyx PRF - For trying his hardest when practicing his handwriting. Super job!

Hailey PRF - For always helping and including others and being an excellent role model in our class.

Zakary JZA - For a detailed explanation of why his egg capsule protected his egg when dropped from a height.

Hudson JZA - For writing an excellent hypothesis in his scientific report based on the ‘skittle experiment’.

Lucas JJW - For writing a creative haiku poem about winter.

Hamish JJW - For writing a creative and descriptive haiku about caves.

Sienna JLN - For working co-operatively to design and make an egg capsule that would protect an egg when it was dropped from a platform on the senior playground.

Emmy JLN - For working co-operatively to design and make an egg capsule that would protect an egg when it was dropped from a platform on the senior playground.

Chelsea JLM - For her hard work in all areas of the curriculum and becoming a more independent learner.

Sebastian JLM - For his creatively designed egg protector.

Callan JLM - For his detailed weekend recount and for being a good friend.

Lena MFR - For consistently displaying an excellent, responsible attitude towards all her learning.

Gabrielle MFR - For completing her biography where she included all features required.

Bailey MDB - For fantastic biography writing about his mother, Melinda.

Taylah MDB - For great biography writing about her mother Rebecca.

Irina MDM - For confidently recognising faces, edges and vertices of a given 3D object. Well done!

Ava MDM - For further developing her comprehension by asking questions throughout her reading. Well done!

Prithika MEB - For always challenging herself with her learning and making excellent progress in all areas.

Arepa MEB - For making a big effort to focus on his learning and make progress.

Blake SJT - For showing persistence when working on multiplication and division problems.

Aidan SJT - For working collaboratively in all group situations by sharing his ideas and listening to others.

Danielle SKO - For thriving on challenges and extending your understanding in Maths.

Benjamin SKO - For being an inclusive member of SKO and showing perseverance in all learning areas.

Tayla SNH - For her excellent contributions to book club discussions.

Cameron SNH - For being a kind and caring student who is always enthusiastic about his learning.

Maks STH - For focusing on your learning behaviours. Well done!

Leonie STH - For the beautiful voice that you used when singing in Mass.

Preschool Story Time

Every Friday at 3:00pm in the Library there is “Story Time” for our pre-school friends. This story time is open to all of our siblings who are coming to Foundation / Prep at St Joachim’s next year.

School Crossing

Firstly, thank-you for your patience with us, the traffic congestion and the parking, we know it can be frustrating.

We just wanted to share some friendly reminders towards keeping our school community safe.


The number of people crossing at and random places is ever increasing, we understand it's convenient but not only do these actions interrupt the traffic more importantly it sets a bad example not just for your own children but the other students who are watching.

Please make the effort to cross at the crossings!

A Ride For Remembrance

In September, along with thousands of other riders from across Australia, St Joachim's parent, Darren Morgan will be riding to the National Police Memorial in Canberra for the Wall to Wall Police Remembrance Ride.

Darren is looking to the St Joachim's community for sponsors.

All funds donated will go to Victoria Police Legacy.

These funds help families of Police Members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. Please help Darren raise funds for this worthy cause by following this link.

Parents & Friends Report

Sharon Madgziarz, President


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Get a group of your friends together and join us at the movies!

July the 16th at 6:30pm - All welcome


Academic overachievers Amy and Molly thought keeping their noses to the grindstone gave them a leg up on their high school peers. But on the eve of graduation, the best friends suddenly realize that they may have missed out on the special moments of their teenage years. Determined to make up for lost time, the girls decide to cram four years of not-to-be missed fun into one night -- a chaotic adventure that no amount of book smarts could prepare them for.

Trivia Night

Saturday September 7 - Put this date in your diary now!

Tickets will go on sale soon for this year’s trivia night.

Do you have your own business or work somewhere that could donate something for our silent auction? Donations of any sort, large or small are welcomed.

As a thank you for any donations we will advertise your business at the event and in our newsletter until the end of the year.

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Entertainment Books

The P&F are selling the fabulous Entertainment books which are always full of great discounts for dining out, activities etc.

Tell your friends to buy them from us so that we get the commission! Use the link below.

With School holidays here now is the perfect time to buy.

Special offers for buyers this week include a chance to win 2 return flights to London!

PSE Say Goodbye

to Louis

Louis has been a great classmate and friend to students in PSE and the wider school. We wish him every happiness at his new school.

PRF are having fun in Maths

Senior Science

The whole school concept this term has been ‘Change.’ In the Senior level we have been focussing on Chemical Science, by observing the different ways solids, liquids and gases behave. The students have had the opportunity to conduct and view experiments, which have allowed them to explore reversible and irreversible changes to different materials.

The Senior students were very lucky to be assisted in this unit by Dr Mel Norris (Science Teacher and Primary Science Program Coordinator) from John Paul College. With Mel’s guidance we conducted such fabulous activities as making oobleck, experimenting with dry ice and testing substances to determine whether they were acids, bases or neutral. We also experimented with hydrogen peroxide and a yeast solution to make a foam we called elephant’s toothpaste.

Here’s are some of our students’ thoughts about these sessions.

“I liked the Elephant’s toothpaste experiment because of the explosive chemical reaction.” Ryan SJT

“I learnt that oobleck is both a solid and a liquid. When you apply pressure the solid cornflour atoms come to the top and the liquid water atoms get pushed down. When you are gentle with it the liquid and the solid atoms flow with each other.” Ella SJT

For the last 4 weeks the Seniors have been taking part in Science masterclasses. There was oobleck, dry ice, many chemical reactions, as well as testing for acids and bases. All the experiments were very interesting and fun. I think that SJT and all the Senior classes really enjoyed working with Dr Mel. Blake SJT

I enjoyed doing the testing because I liked looking for acids and bases. I learnt that 2-6 is an acid and 8-14 is a base on the chart. I also learnt that 7 is neutral. Cameron SNH

I like the red cabbage experiment because when we added an acid to a base, we could turn it back into neutral. Lenny SKO

I like when we did the dry ice because it was so cool when it started to bubble and the fog came out of the cup. It flowed so smoothly. Emily SKO

In Science we tested different liquids to see what was an acid, neutral or base. We used a chart with numbers, with 1 to 4 being an acid, 5 to 8 being neutral and 9 to 14 being a base. We added red cabbage juice to the liquid and it would turn into a different colour and that’s how we could tell what it was. Sahara SNH

In our second lesson we did a series of experiments with dry ice. My favourite one was the Witch’s Brew because you expect the smoke to become a different colour but it stays white. It looked super cool too! Izzy STH

One of my favourite experiments was the balloon experiment because it was as if a ghost was blowing up a balloon, but the dry ice was blowing it up! Jacob STH

Junior Science

The Juniors designed an egg protector using materials and then dropped it from a height to see if their egg survived.

Govind and Ethan JZA

Literacy News

Caroline Hume, Literacy Leader / Reading Recovery

Author of the Week - Kesean

Kesean has written a persuasive text 'Bikes Should Be Used More Often'.

Persuasive writing seeks to convince the reader to think in a certain way and, ultimately, to act in a certain way. Not only must the writing be clear, well-organised and interesting, but also it must speak directly to the audience. From the Foundation year, students are encouraged to express their opinions and explain their thinking. Persuasive writing provides an opportunity for students to do so in a more formal way.

Read how persuasive Kesean can be!

Bikes Should be Used More Often

Parents as Classroom Helpers

Congratulations and grateful thanks to the parents who completed the Parent Helper's course with Caroline Hume on Thursday evening.

Pictured are parents and grandparent - Maria De Sousa, Rachel Doran, Charissa Escobar, Winnie Mathieson, Rebecca Spry and Mary Bugeja.

St Joachim's has a subscription to Story Box Library - Our username is St Joachim's - password is library

Performing Arts News

Jody Banks, Performing Arts Teacher

Talent Show

What a great lot of talent we have at St Joachim's.

You can see more photos of our Talent Show on our Gallery Page!

Senior Production for 2019:


“If you believe in yourself, you can rock the world!”

TERM 3, 7:00pm Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th August,

Cranbourne Community Theatre

Parents of Senior School Students can find all necessary details, including rehearsal times in the CareMonkey Email sent to all senior families.


Reena Naidoo - Numeracy Coordinator

Uniform Shop

Tracey Craddock, Uniform Shop Coordinator

Trading Hours

Thurs 3:00pm – 3:30pm -

If you are unable to make it to the Uniform Shop you may use our Uniform Shop -Order Form or can be picked up at the school office.

Please see the St Joachim's Uniform Policy here.

Before & After School Care - Camp Australia

The Camp Australia Outside School Hours Care Program is an extension of St Joachim's Primary School, providing children with a safe environment in which they can explore and play. Here’s their webpage!

J19-3566 - Open Day_A5Flyer_190527_F_HR_nocrop.pdf