Newsletter June 14, 2019

Cutting the Pentecost 'Birthday' Cake

Principal’s Message

Paul Dwyer, Principal

Dear Parents,

Thank you to the new group of parents who commenced their Parents As Classroom Helpers (PACH) course literacy training last night. Thank you also to our Literacy leader, Caroline Hume, for leading this course.

Congratulations to all children in our parish (including 11 students from St. Joachim’s) who are making their First Eucharist this Sunday (16/9) at St. Anne’s Church at 1:00 p.m. The prayers and best wishes of our whole school and parish community are with all First Eucharist candidates on this special day, when they receive Jesus for the first time. Thank you to Fr. Benneth for his support and guidance of our children and families as we gather for this special parish liturgy.

Good luck to our senior students as they prepare to compete in the Winter Lightning premiership competition next Monday (17/9). We are fielding teams in netball, soccer and football. Soccer and football will be played at Baxter Oval, in Baxter. Netball will be played at Jubilee Park, in Karingal. Parents are welcome to attend in support. Go St. Joachim’s!

Next week our staff will participate in a workshop focusing on how we can best deliver the social emotional learning from the Resilience project to our students. All students will have their own student workbook related to the themes to be taught. We are looking forward to this program as it will build on and further enhance the social emotional learning that is already happening in the school.

A reminder that our next SAB (School Advisory Board) meeting will be held next Thursday evening (20th June) commencing at 7:00 p.m. in the staffroom.

Our end of semester Parent/teacher interviews will be held in Week 10 from 3:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday 26th June and again from 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Thursday 29th June. All interviews will take place in the hall. Details on how to book an online interview time will be sent out shortly and bookings will open next Monday.

Paul Dwyer, Principal


Please notify the school of any absences prior to 9:00am on the day of the absence. The easiest way to do this is via the FLEXIBUZZ App.

Unexplained Absences

Last year the Victorian Minister of Education has reviewed the Attendance Guidelines and accordingly schools must now notify parents/guardians of unexplained absences on the same day, as soon as practicable.

Some St Joachim’s parents may have received a phone call from our office staff to ask about unexplained absences.

It is now more important than ever that families notify us if your child is absent or will be late for school.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Flexibuzz App and using the ABSENCE tab. Alternatively parents can phone the school on 9785 2633.

We look forward to your co-operation in this very important matter.

Education in Faith

Zeeta Andrew - Religious Education Leader

Pray for us as we Celebrate Our First Holy Communion

On behalf of our school community we would like to congratulate, Chelsea, Anthony, Isabella, Samuel, Edel, Devon, Ruby, Vincenzo, Sarah, Lena, Harley, Jayden, and Chelsea.V who will make their First Eucharist on Sunday 16th June at 1.00 Mass at St Anne's Church.

For our students, this weekend will be a special time when Jesus comes to be one with them as they continue on their faith journey and grow into strong and loving people in the family of God. As a school community we keep in our prayers the students and their families from the school and parish who celebrate the communion it brings to us all.


As a school we will celebrated Pentecost on Tuesday with a whole school liturgy.

At the Pentecost liturgy some students read prayers of the faithful in their own language; we had prayers in languages such as Sinhalese, Polish, Tamil, French, Italian and Filipino.

Mr Dwyer and two foundation students, Louis and Shilo cut our specially made Pentecost birthday cake and every student received a cupcake as a special treat.

It was a great celebration.

Sacramental Program

Dates for the 2019 Sacraments are:

Sun 16 Jun Sacrament of First Eucharist - Mass time 1.00pm

Sun 23 Jun Sacrament of First Eucharist - Mass time 1.00pm

Sun Oct 27 Sacrament of Confirmation 1.30pm

St. Anne's Seaford Parish, Phone: 9785 2580, Website Annette White, Parish Secretary

Baptismal Preparation Meetings

Baptismal Preparation Meetings are held each first Saturday of the month, at 9.45am. There is no need to book and you are welcome to bring children along with you.

At this meeting, you will be able to enrol and organise a baptismal date with our coordinator for 2019.

The dates are:

Saturday Saturday 1st June, Saturday 6th July, Saturday 3rd August, Saturday 7th September, Saturday 5th October, Saturday 2nd November, Saturday 7th December

From Mrs Stewart

Irene Stewart, Deputy Principal / Student Wellbeing / Student Services Leader

NCCD Information Sheet parents (1).pdf

At St Joachim’s, we use the FlexiBuzz App to send instant messages, newsletters and notices.

Families can be fully informed and up to date with newsletters, notices, news and events. It’s easy to use!

Downloading is easy …iPhone and iPad. Go to the Apple App Store and search FlexiBuzz. Android smartphone and tablet. Go to Google play and search FlexiBuzz. Windows and Mac computers. Go to the Flexibuzz web page and click on the download button.

  • Log-in – Open flexiBuzz and register/log-in
  • Find – Click the “Search” icon and type our school name into the search bar. Select us from the results.
  • Tick – Click on the “Add” button beside the communication groups that apply to you.
  • Inbox – Click the Home icon. This is where you will receive our instant messages, newsletter and notices.

The Resilience Project

at St Joachim's,

August 6 at 7:00pm

in the hall

Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness


Every Thursday at 2:30pm - Parents Welcome

A whole school assembly is held in the school hall every fortnight. Level assemblies are held on the other week.

Preschool Story Time

Every Friday at 3:00pm in the Library there is “Story Time” for our pre-school friends. This story time is open to all of our siblings who are coming to Foundation / Prep at St Joachim’s next year.


Thank you to families who keep their CareMonkey profiles up to date such as when they change their address, phone number, parents work contact details etc. If you could also email the and let us know, we can adjust on our system as well.


John Paul College is currently running a maths enrichment program for higher achieving Year 7 and 8 students at John Paul College. This opportunity is available to the selected students regardless of what secondary school they will attend.

During Term 2 and the beginning of Term 3 these St Joachim's students will attend John Paul College once a week to take part in the program. The purpose of this program is to allow higher achieving students to extend and enrich their mathematical skills and abilities.

Parents & Friends Report

Sharon Madgziarz, President


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Get a group of your friends together and join us at the movies!

July the 16th at 6:30pm - All welcome


Academic overachievers Amy and Molly thought keeping their noses to the grindstone gave them a leg up on their high school peers. But on the eve of graduation, the best friends suddenly realize that they may have missed out on the special moments of their teenage years. Determined to make up for lost time, the girls decide to cram four years of not-to-be missed fun into one night -- a chaotic adventure that no amount of book smarts could prepare them for.


Don’t forget to keep collecting your woolies earn & learn stickers. We have until the 25th of June to collect!

Trivia Night

Saturday September 7 - Put this date in your diary now!

Tickets will go on sale soon for this year’s trivia night.

Do you have your own business or work somewhere that could donate something for our silent auction? Donations of any sort, large or small are welcomed.

As a thank you for any donations we will advertise your business at the event and in our newsletter until the end of the year.

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The P&F are selling the fabulous Entertainment books which are always full of great discounts for dining out, activities etc.

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Reena Naidoo - Numeracy Coordinator

Literacy News

Caroline Hume, Literacy Leader / Reading Recovery

Author of the Week

This term, students in all levels have been studying the concept of 'Change'.

As part of this unit, the Middle School students have been investigating the question - How does a change in temperature impact the state of a substance? They have conducted experiments and have written scientific reports. In a scientific report, students record their predictions, method, results and conclusions. Aiden has written a scientific report about melting chocolate.

You can read it here.

Congratulations Aiden!

St Joachim's has a subscription to Story Box Library - Our username is St Joachim's - password is library

Performing Arts News

Jody Banks, Performing Arts Teacher

Senior Production for 2019:


“If you believe in yourself, you can rock the world!”

TERM 3, 7:00pm Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th August,

Cranbourne Community Theatre

Uniform Shop

Tracey Craddock, Uniform Shop Coordinator

Trading Hours

Thurs 3:00pm – 3:30pm -

If you are unable to make it to the Uniform Shop you may use our Uniform Shop -Order Form or can be picked up at the school office.

Please see the St Joachim's Uniform Policy here.

Before & After School Care - Camp Australia

The Camp Australia Outside School Hours Care Program is an extension of St Joachim's Primary School, providing children with a safe environment in which they can explore and play. Here’s their webpage!

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