Newsletter August 2, 2019

The Junior School went to Moonlit Sanctuary! See lots more photos here!

Principal’s Message

Paul Dwyer, Principal

Lots more pictures of today's exciting times from both prep classes in the next week's newsletter!

Dear Parents,

Today we celebrated 100 days of Prep! The classrooms were decorated with streamers and our Preps wore colourful hats and badges in celebration of a great milestone. Congratulations to our Preps, and to our Prep staff who are working hard to provide excellent learning opportunities for all our students. Thank you also to parents who sent along 100 items for our Preps to count.

Congratulations to the 9 senior students who sat the Australian Maths competition yesterday and also to our students who competed against students from other schools in the Italian poetry competition here at school yesterday.

As a staff, and at our School Advisory Board, we are currently reviewing and updating our asthma policy. This is an important student safety policy which will be available on our school website when our update is complete later this term.

Thank you to Sonya Kilkenny MP– State Member for Carrum – who presented leadership certificates to our student leaders yesterday. My thanks also to Sonya for her letter of support for our capital grant application for our Master plan, which has been sent on to the Education minister.

A reminder that the Parent information evening regarding the Resilience project is on next Tuesday (6th August) at John Paul College in Frankston. It runs from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

We have 8 Fire Carrier students attending a Fire carrier commissioning ceremony next Thursday (8th August) at St. Augustine’s in Frankston South. The ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m in the grounds of St. Augustine’s School. Our students will travel to and from St. Augustine’s School by bus and will return to St. Joachim’s around lunchtime.

As you know, Friday of next week (9th August) and the following Monday (12th August) are school closure days. The focus of Friday’s professional learning is preparation for our 2020 school review and Monday’s focus is on Religious Education.

Our Family Maths afternoon will be held on Wednesday 14th August from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. I hope lots of parents can join us on this afternoon to share in some fun maths activities with their children.

Thank you to our Parents and Friends group who are organising our Father’s Day breakfast for the morning of Friday 23rd August, commencing at 7:30 a.m. I look forward to all of our wonderful dads joining us for a delicious breakfast on this morning. (NB: Our Fathers’ Day stall for students to purchase gifts for Father’s Day will be held on Friday 30th August)

Our senior production – “Rock Starz” is only a few short weeks away! All senior students have been working hard on rehearsals and are super excited about performing for our school community. Tickets ($18 each) will go on sale from next Monday (5th August). We are looking forward to an exciting show at Cranbourne Community Theatre on the evenings of Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th August, starting at 7:00 p.m. Thank you to Jody Banks and Helina Walker for the many hours of additional time and effort they are putting in to delivering a great show!

Don’t forget our Trivia night is on Saturday September 7th here at school. Thank you to our hardworking Parents and Friends association for organising this fabulous social and fundraising opportunity for our school.

Kind regards,

Paul Dwyer, Principal


Please notify the school of any absences prior to 9:00am on the day of the absence. The easiest way to do this is via the FLEXIBUZZ App.

Unexplained Absences

Last year the Victorian Minister of Education has reviewed the Attendance Guidelines and accordingly schools must now notify parents/guardians of unexplained absences on the same day, as soon as practicable.

Some St Joachim’s parents may have received a phone call from our office staff to ask about unexplained absences. It is now more important than ever that families notify us if your child is absent or will be late for school.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Flexibuzz App and using the ABSENCE tab.

We look forward to your co-operation in this very important matter.

Father's Day

Father's Day Breakfast - Aug 23 Father's Day Stall - Aug 30

We have a busy few months planned at St Joachim's, therefore we've had to move some dates around to make it easier on our students, parents and staff. Both occasions will be special!

Education in Faith

Zeeta Andrew - Religious Education Leader

St Anne's Parish, Sacramental Program

Sun Oct 27 Sacrament of Confirmation 1.30pm , St. Anne's Seaford Parish, Phone: 9785 2580, Website Annette White, Parish Secretary

Baptismal Preparation Meetings

Baptismal Preparation Meetings are held each first Saturday of the month, at 9.45am. There is no need to book and you are welcome to bring children along with you.

At this meeting, you will be able to enrol and organise a baptismal date with our coordinator for 2019. The dates are: Saturday 3rd August, Saturday 7th September, Saturday 5th October, Saturday 2nd November, Saturday 7th December

From Mrs Stewart

Irene Stewart, Deputy Principal / Student Wellbeing / Student Services Leader

Why Children Need to Experience Failure to Learn Resilience

As a parent, it’s hard to let your child experience life’s hardships, full of big (and small) disappointments, losses, and failures.

Although the science of child development suggests that these experiences are not only good for kids, they’re actually essential for healthy growth and development, it can be tough to convince yourself of this as you stand by watching your child suffer.

Read more on the ECO Parent website.


Every Thursday at 2:30pm - Parents Welcome

A whole school assembly is held in the school hall every fortnight. Level assemblies are held on the other week.

Johan PSE

For working hard on learning to read his words. Keep it up Johan!

Stephen PSE

For writing a detailed sentence about Sally’s Beans. Awesome!

Lucas PRF

For working hard at learning your sight words. Super job!

Nixon PRF

For showing concern and empathy for others and helping and including other wherever possible.

Conrad MFR

For becoming more confident ordering simple fractions on a numberline.

Archit MFR

For his ability to work cooperatively with all members in our class.

Zane MDB

For great research and information facts about the Koala.


For working hard on her knowledge about fractions.

Kenzi MDM

For becoming more confident in ordering simple fractions on a numberline. Well done!

Gauri MDM

For the creative use of Adverbs and Verbs to make her non-fiction story more interesting. Well done!

Erica MEB

For making a really good effort to improve her writing pieces.

Kayla MEB

For showing maturity and common sense in all areas of learning.

Madison SJT

For her creative poetry writing.

Melanie SJT

For demonstrating great focus during numeracy sessions when working with fractions.

Jayla SKO

For challenging yourself and having a growth mindset towards fractions and decimals.

Benjamin SKO

For contributing his thoughtful ideas and wonderings to class discussions.

Sienna SNH

For always staying on task and displaying great perseverance when working on challenging tasks.

Noah SNH

For using the appropriate structure and vocabulary to create ‘Haiku’ poems.

Daniel STH

For being creative with adjectives and verbs when writing his ‘cinquain’ poems

Harrison STH

For using the correct structure to write interesting ‘Haiku’ poems

Sonya Kilkenny MP visits St Joachims!

At this week's assembly Sonya Kilkenny MP– State Member for Carrum , presented leadership certificates to our student leaders.

Every year Parliament Victoria’s Community Engagement and Education team holds a competition for students called the Parliament Prize. This year, students from years 5-12 were invited to submit 90-second ‘Members’ Statements’, about any topic or issue. They had a fantastic outcome, with 589 entries across 113 different schools.

Annabelle, a year 6 student in Miss Todisco’s class at St Joachim’s Primary submitted a terrific entry on plastics and pollution.

Congratulations Annabelle! Let’s hope people listen and act on your powerful message.


To Aymeric, Aidan and Diesel.

The boys participated at the South Eastern Karate Association Inc. at John Paul Secondary School this Sunday 28 July 2019.

  • Aymeric won 1st Place in Kata
  • Aidan won 2nd Kata and 3rd place in Kumite
  • Diesel won 3rd place in Kata.

The boys attend the Shukokai Karate Dojo in Carrum Downs.

We LOVE to hear great success stories.

Send your stories and photos to

Preschool Story Time

3:00pm Fridays in the Library

Every Friday at 3:00pm in the Library there is “Story Time” for our pre-school friends. This story time is open to all of our siblings who are coming to Foundation / Prep at St Joachim’s next year.

The Junior School visited the Moonlit Sanctuary this week.

Students, parents and teachers got to experience wild life close up!

Parents & Friends Report

Sharon Madgziarz, President


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The P&F meet once a month on a Friday morning in the staffroom and everyone is always welcomed.

If you are unable to attend meetings but have comments or feedback, positive or otherwise please email or leave a note at the office.

Thankyou to everyone for the efforts they have put in so far, whether it be by attending the working bee, helping at P&F events (mother's day stall etc), donating goods or simply by supporting the hard work of the committee.

Trivia Night

Saturday September 7

Put this date in your diary now! In the school.

Tickets will go on sale soon for this year’s trivia night.

Do you have your own business or work somewhere that could donate something for our silent auction? Donations of any sort, large or small are welcomed.

As a thank you for any donations we will advertise your business at the event and in our newsletter until the end of the year.

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Visual Arts News

Helina Walker, Visual Arts Teacher

Dear Families,

The St Joachim's Art Room is always a busy, happy place.

Currently, it is extremely busy with Mrs Walker and senior students getting ready making props for our production 'Rock Starzs' which is being held on Wednesday 28th August 7.00pm & Thursday 29th August 7.00pm, so not long now!

Here are some photos of our busy artists, who come to art club to paint props.

The Art Room is in need of newspapers. If you have some, please bring them in!

Literacy News

Caroline Hume, Literacy Leader / Reading Recovery

Author of the Week


As part of our Writing program, the students in the Junior school have been writing recounts of their school holidays. The students chose a friend who they would like to tell about their holidays so the recount has been written in the form of a letter. Grazinia has written to her friend Bailee.

Parent Pipeline:

CAFÉ Strategy: Predict What Will Happen, Use Text to confirm.

As adult readers we make predictions often without even realizing it. We do it when we watch movies, read a book, or hear someone tell us a story. It is a way of focusing our attention and motivating us to want to hear or read more. Children benefit from predicting in the same way. Therefore, it is important that we guide them to not only predict what will happen, but to also confirm their predictions.

To predict, readers tell what they think will happen in the story. To confirm, readers find out if their predictions were true, partially true, or way off. Using this strategy gives readers the chance to make connections to the text, think ahead, and become more engaged.

St Joachim's has a subscription to Story Box Library - Our username is St Joachim's - password is library

Performing Arts News

Jody Banks, Performing Arts Teacher

Senior Production for 2019:


“If you believe in yourself, you can rock the world!”

TERM 3, 7:00pm Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th August,

Cranbourne Community Theatre

Parents of Senior School Students can find all necessary details, including rehearsal times in the CareMonkey Email sent to all senior families.

4 weeks to go!!!

All tickets are $18.00 and go on sale at

***9.00am on Monday 5th August ***

from the TryBooking website:

Come along and see our students shine on stage!!!

Bring the whole family along for an entertaining show!!!

Wednesday 28th August 7.00pm & Thurs 29th August 7.00pm

Martin, Ryan & Celeste as Rock Quiz Team 2

Tristan and Ella as the Rock Quiz hosts "Ben" and "Monica"

Jack, Hannah & Lenny (absent) as Rock Quiz Team 1

Izabela as the news reporter "Marie Lamore"

Annabelle as the school teacher "Miss Lipton"

A group of school kids have a dream: that their rock band will write music that goes all the way to the top of the charts.

After their debut performance at the school Talent Show, they are dared to enter a 'Battle of the Bands' contest where they meet a shady manager who promises to get them a record deal, but does he?

Stay tuned to find out if 'Zone 63' will make it to the top!


Reena Naidoo - Numeracy Coordinator

Uniform Shop

Tracey Craddock, Uniform Shop Coordinator

Trading Hours

Thurs 3:00pm – 3:30pm -

If you are unable to make it to the Uniform Shop you may use our Uniform Shop -Order Form or can be picked up at the school office.

Please see the St Joachim's Uniform Policy here.

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Thank you to families who keep their CareMonkey profiles up to date such as when they change their address, phone number, parents work contact details etc. If you could also email the and let us know, we can adjust on our system as well.

Before & After School Care - Camp Australia

The Camp Australia Outside School Hours Care Program is an extension of St Joachim's Primary School, providing children with a safe environment in which they can explore and play. Here’s their webpage!


A Ride For Remembrance

In September, along with thousands of other riders from across Australia, St Joachim's parent, Darren Morgan will be riding to the National Police Memorial in Canberra for the Wall to Wall Police Remembrance Ride.

Darren is looking to the St Joachim's community for sponsors.

All funds donated will go to Victoria Police Legacy.

These funds help families of Police Members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. Please help Darren raise funds for this worthy cause by following this link.

Your family, your health

From 5 to 16 August, local women can get free breast screens in the BreastScreen Victoria van.

For women aged 50 to 74, a breast screen every two years could be life-saving.

Breast screens are the best way to find cancer early—before there are symptoms and when treatment is most successful.

They are always with a female radiographer—no GP referral or Medicare card needed, and only take 10 minutes.

Women over 40 can still have a free breast screen, but as age is the biggest breast cancer risk factor—BreastScreen Victoria sends reminders to women from age 50.

The hot pink BreastScreen Victoria van travels the state giving free breast screens—with the same digital imaging technology as all clinics, and friendly staff who are happy to answer any questions or concerns.

Find the van at:

81 Young St, Frankston, (car park next to Young St Medical & Dental Centre)

5 to 16 August 2019, Monday to Friday, 7:50am to 5pm

Walk in, or book in advance at or 13 20 50

And tell the women in your life to have their screen too!